Legislative Mixers Lineup

Virtual Sessions with Policymakers and Elected Officials on March 9th

We have set up virtual sessions in the afternoon of March 9th spanning topics from voting to guardianship.

These sessions are for YOU. Each official will be covering the work their office is doing for disabilities and be ready to answer your questions. Be sure to do your homework on the work they do. No question is too big or too small- remember these sessions are for YOU and what YOU want to know.

The deadline to register will be Friday, March 4!

Register for the Legislative Mixers

Here are the Policymakers and Elected Officials Who Will Host a Call the Afternoon of March 9

Brianna Lennon- Boone County Clerk

Join Brianna Lennon to learn more about the voting process and your rights as a voter. She will be walking through the registration process and answering questions about how you can cast a private and independent ballot. Come prepared with some great questions for Brianna.

Morgan Corder – Deputy Policy Director in the Office of the Attorney General

Morgan will be talking about projects in the Attorney Generals Office including their work in accessible technology, Medicaid fraud, and Consumer Protection. He will make sure you know YOUR rights and how the Attorney General’s Office can help serve you.

Senator Lauren Arthur

Senator Arthur will be talking the bill she has filed about filing grievances for Guardianships. This bill is Senate Bill 748. Check out the bill before the call and come prepared with questions for Senator Arthur. She will also be able to talk about engaging with your legislators and how you can be a strong advocate for disability issues.

Representative Travis Smith

Representative Smith will be talking about two of his bills HB2010 Burden of Proof Legislation for Students with Disabilities  and HB2011 Establishes Parental Consent for IEPs for Students. Come prepared with questions for Representative Smith either on his legislation or just get to know him! He is a strong disability advocate and would welcome any of your questions about the legislative process and how you can partner with your Representative to create systems change.

Representative Bridget Walsh Moore

Representative Walsh Moore will be discussing her legislation around Employment First. HB1924 is about Competitive Integrated Employment and HB1927 about Ticket to Work. Be sure to do research on these bills and come prepared with questions. She will be there to answer you specific questions as well as general questions about engaging with legislators.

Funding for Disability Rights Legislative Day is provided by the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council, Grant #2001MOSCDD-02 & 2101MOSCDD-01, as authorized by Public Law 106-402 - Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act 2000.